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Why 800-SAFECAB?     In 2008 I was in downtown Chicago trying to catch a cab. Like most of us in this challenging situation we stand on the street trying to catch the attention of the next available cab. Unfortunately when we finally score we have no idea who is behind the wheel or what company they represent.

We actually get into the cab with a stranger giving them immediate trust and control to take us safely to our destination.

We have no idea if our  new trusted friend is friendly, professional or knowledgeable.

We have no idea if the ride will be a good comfortable clean experience.

Crazy I know!!

So from this moment of awakening it was apparent a service was desperately needed that strived to provide a safer avenue..   800-SAFECAB was born!!

800-SAFECAB  provides a convenient gate way to an extensive national directory of quality Cab providers and continues to update and monitor. Our professional & knowledgeable partners strive to provide safe dependable quality service to 800-SAFECAB clients. 

We take the steps for you to ensure the response our clients receive is prompt, courteous, professional, safe, dependable and comfortable. 

800-SAFECAB is easy to use, easy to remember and toll-free.

We quickly connect our clients to local Cab companies. Call  800-SAFECAB from any phone, at any time. Just say what city and state you want service and be connected to a local Cab company. From there, book your Cab, and pay only the typical Cab fare. It's that easy!!

We offer our clients access to the very best Cab companies, and work hard to make sure your experience is as safe and hassle-free as possible.

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